A look back at the 2014 Secondary School Musical

In November, ISH student performed The Sound of Music over 3 nights to a packed Aula. It’s safe to say our 2014 musical was a success! For 3 months, the cast sang, danced, acted and laughed their way into the beautiful world of the Von Trapps. They went from timid singers, actors and dancers to dynamite all round performers with the help of Mr De Beer’s vocal coaching, Ms Avila’s acting direction as well as Miss Delbridge and Tiffany whipping them into dancing shape. This year, the audience had the pleasure of having the largest group of student musicians than ever before, performing the infamous songs through the superb instruction of Mr Graham. With the help of the Tech and backstage crew and of course, Ms Abbott up in the tech box, The Sound of Music was brought to life on the Aula stage for the first time in Germany’s history. Looking back, from having to travel to Berlin to find the right dirndl for Maria to the hours spent on Sunday afternoons rehearsing, it was a wonderful experience for everyone involved – students, teachers and audience members. On the final night, more than one student was heard lamenting the fact that it was almost over and not only were they reflecting on how much fun they had, but on how much they had learned. If we are to measure achievement on any level, that pretty much says it all.

by Alexia Delbridge, Arts Department.

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