A well attended movie night on ‘Screenagers’.

ISH would like to thank our community of parents, guardians, caretkers, teachers, students as well as visitors for turning up in large numbers to watch the film, ‘Screenagers’. Mr. Sean Rollosson guided us through on what to expect from the documentary, which raises awareness on the need to have balanced and practical screen time management for children, teenagers as well as parents.

A brief discussion was held thereafter as well as interviews conducted by a visiting journalist on the use of screen technology in our school. Technology can be very empowering and yet impact our lives in negative ways like impeding on our other aspects of life like family time, bonding, time management, physical and mental health among other issues. The aim of showing this very informative documentary was to set up a starting point to having a conversation at home, out and about as well as in school. 

A big thank you to our event organisers including students from the Work Crew, Tech Crew and Tanzania Project who set up the screening, the Aula and the catering. Tanzania Project would also like to thank you all for the kind donations which will be forwarded towards their fundraising activities.

The counseling department has put together a resource guide to help families develop cooperative and balanced media agreements in the home.  If you attended the movie, please fill out our quick survey form. We would like your feedback and if you would recommend showing the documentary again next year.

Resource Guide