Café Murder: They Killed it!

Members of ECAP’s Middle School Drama Club brought to life Nathan Hartswick’s quirky murder mystery and engaged the audience with a classic tale of whodunit.

Jennifer Roberge-Renaud directed a group of eight students that have been meeting for drama club since August 2015. The show was performed as an end of year project for the ECAP club.

Katja welcomed the audience to the creepy Café as the Maitre D’ as the chef (Rose) busily prepared her decadent meals and the waitress (Carla) got the tables ready. The restaurant was soon invaded by the bossy and unlikeable diva Rosemary, played by Kendra. Her sisters, a cast of stereotypical characters, then followed her: Mel the hippie (Shiru), Marjorie the businesswoman (Navya), Valerie the valley girl (Celine) and Volleny the trucker (Lilly). Rosemary quickly becomes everyone’s enemy before her unfortunate demise. Rachel joined the actors as the detective, Reggie Harris, in a performance inspired by Ace Ventura.

“It was amazing!” says Navya, “I had a lot of fun working on the show.”

“The play was a new experience” Katja exclaimed “It challenged me and I learned a lot.” Shiru boasted that this play helped her bond with the other drama club members. The group especially enjoyed performing to two very different audiences, getting the chance to perform to both their families and the grade 3 to 7 classes during a matinee performance.

A special thank you to Theresa for filling in during Thursday’s performance when Lilly fell ill. Other members of the ISH should also be thanked for their help including Tarik Azouz and his tech crew, as well as Emma Avila and Martin Främke. The Sri Lanka Project team, lead by Ellen Gray and Patricia Hayward, were also kind enough to supply drinks and treats. All proceeds collected from the show were donated to the Sri Lanka project.

See some photos from the show!