Creative Writing Competition at ISH

Every two years the English Department in the Secondary School holds a Creative Writing Competition so
that students can enjoy the pleasures of  experimenting with the craft of writing. This is an enrichment activity
and all students in grades 6-11 participate so that they can find their inner creative voice.

We award prizes for the best story at each grade level in English and there is distinct recognition for students of EAL (English as an Additional Language). 
We hope you enjoy reading the stories which are on display at ISH foyer but below is the best story by Sarah Korb in Grade 11, that was awarded first prize overall.

The Election by Sarah Korb


The spotlights brightened; each fixated upon the dark, wooden podium beneath them.
Seven in total lined the edge of the stage. Thick, blood-red curtains were draped elegantly behind, encircling them in a crimson glow. Read More