ECC Winter Concert

The ECC performed their Winter Concert on Friday, Dec 9, in the Aula. Mr. Andreas Klimkeit narrated an adaptation of Jan Brett's "The Mitten", with songs by Heidi Butkus.

“The Mitten” is about a boy who, against the advice of his "Baba", wants her to knit him white mittens. As his "Baba" warned, he loses one of his mittens in the snow. As the mitten lies in the snow, a mole, rabbit, hedgehog, owl, badger, fox and bear, all played by students from P3R, make it a warm refuge.  When finally a mouse squeezes into the mitten, he tickles the bear's nose, causing him to sneeze. The mitten bursts, flies through the air, and the boy catches it, as his grandmother watches from the window.

The children also sang and signed the song "One small voice."  

P3S finished our concert with a Foley Artist presentation, narrated by Dr. Weishof, "A Cold Winter Night." 

Review by Mrs. Patterson