Head of School on corporate welcoming culture

Following a kind invitation by Susanne Fischer-Appelt of Home International, an expert in welcoming and settling in professionals moving to Hamburg, ISH Head of School Andreas Swoboda joined a podium discussion titled “Welcoming Culture for Skilled Foreign Workers”.

The event took place at the citadines Apart Hotel in Hamburg, itself a place that serves foreign professionals by providing short to long term, apartment-style accommodation. Accordingly, Petra Rottenaicher, Director of Sales Germany for citadines also joined the discussion, as did a representative of the Techniker Krankenkasse. The latter is a large health insurance that invests lots of effort into providing potential foreign customers with extensive, well-researchedinformation about handling daily life and well-being in Germany.

The discussion was expertly moderated by Frauke Greven of Spielraum – Projekt Vereinbarkeit.

The discussion illuminated much progress with regards to how skilled foreign workers are welcomed and integrated into the work environment by their employers, but also proved that there is still much to be done.

Mr Swoboda elaborated on ISH’s ever-evolving best practices and explained that the school is a very special case by pointing out that he himself, who has already been welcomed by a number of employers in foreign countries, now decides on how to welcome teachers and administrative staff at a school which itself is part of Hamburg’s welcoming culture since most parents at ISH are skilled foreign workers themselves.

The approximately 1 hour long discussion turned out to be both entertaining and enlightening. So much so, actually, that it was decided to resume it another time.

ISH extends its gratitude for the invitation to citadines, Home International, the moderator, the discussion partners as well as the kind and attentive audience.