IB Visual Arts Exhibition 2016

The exhibition that was held for the second time in the school auditorium, displayed the results of a creative process that started two years ago and culminated in a celebratory “Opening Reception” of the Visual Arts IB Diploma Programme at ISH.        

The 10 IB Visual Arts students and their teacher Ms Plesch opened the doors of the exhibition accompanied by three selected solo music performances by some of our student musicians.

Interested parents, students, and external guests had the chance to see the incredibly varied outcome of the two-year creative journey, comprised of paintings, photos, short video clips, and three-dimensional artwork.

This year’s Visual Arts Exam had a special twist: Not only could visitors marvel at the finished work, they were also able to see a visual documentary giving an insight in the students’ work exploration. The artists themselves were more than happy to start an interesting conversation about the deeper meaning of their art pieces.

Thanks to a team of volunteer, guests were able to meander through the exhibition while enjoying snacks and drinks.

View photos from the event