Impressions from the 2014 International Fair

Nov 22nd saw another iteration of ISH’s beloved International Fair!

Crowds of visitors flooded the school premises to try their luck in the amazing tombola, to get a henna tattoo, to get a move on the disco dance floor or to engage in one of the many other enjoyable activities in exchange for a small donation. Those feeling particularly frisky could even throw a sponge at the Head of School!

However, as always the greatest attractions of the International Fair were the food stands set up by the country teams consisting of parents and staff members. Delicacies from India, Canada, France, Korea, New Zealand and many other countries made everyone’s’ mouths water. While most found it difficult to decide between the stands, some solved the problem by eating around the world!

Click here to see more photos of the event!

Traditionally all proceeds of the Fair are used to support special projects at ISH as well as external charities. With that in mind its time to say thanks to all parents, staff members and guests for their efforts and generosity and a special thanks to the event committee for the fabulous organization.

There is no better display of the strength of ISH community than seeing so many people from so many different nations successfully working together for a good cause.

See you all again next year!