ISH community donates winter clothing for refugees.

The ISH community showed once again, when help is needed, everyone comes together and gives what they can. 

ISH parent Shima Lehmann called on the ISH community to donate winter clothing for refugees in Lesbos in Greece and Iraq, she received more than she could have imagined in her wildest dreams. Within only three days, a total of 50 (!) boxes of clothing were gathered in our school foyer. 

Via the donation platform and the support of Hanseatic Help, an unbelievably large amount of clothing will now go to those in need in Lesbos and Iraq. “I am overwhelmed by the outstanding support and the team spirit of the ISH community. Thank you so very much to all who donated and helped out, I am deeply touched”, Mrs. Lehman said. 

Both the school and Mrs. Lehmann are very pleased with the incredible school spirit that our community put forward. We would like to thank her for organizing this wonderful project and we also thank each and everyone who participated. Go ISH!