ISH student Szymon Apollo, G12 runs the Haspa Marathon

Grade 12 student, Szymon Apollo this year chose to do something challenging and exciting as part of his CAS project, to run the Haspa Marathon on the 23rd of April. This Hamburg marathon is one of the most  challenging marathons in Germany with a distance of 40kms and includes international  elite runners. Szymon showed great commitment and diligence to this endeavour as he represented our school. Below is a  short reflection of his motivation.

 Predominance of a journey over the destination
By Szymon Apollo

 I assume everyone has had that awful time in their lives, a time of confusion. It mostly happens during the teenage years and it makes us ask the question, “What shall I do with my life?” all the time. My advice for people who are going through such a challenging time: IMPROVISE! Sit down for a moment and listen to the sound of silence. Then follow the movement of your body. It might take you far. I assure you that the  things you are going to experience on your way will never be pointless.   Every step will be a step forward even when you feel confused. You have nothing to lose, so just try! At that point of my life, I did just that. I decided to train for a marathon as part of my CAS project and I represented ISH in the Haspa Marathon, Hamburg on April 23rd. I finished it in 3:39:01. I would like to thank  the ISH school community for its support throughout my journey.