ISH students participate in “The Hague Model United Nations”

It was a very exciting first week of February for twenty of our students: Together with Mr. Dove and Mrs. Hayward, they traveled to The Hague to be part of The Hague Model United Nations (THIMUN). In a simulation of the United Nations, ISH students were among 3,000 international students who debated current world issues.  

The theme of the conference was ‘Borders in a Globalised World’. Students were assigned to the General Assembly Committees, the Disarmament Commission, the Economic and Social Council, the Environment Commission, and the Human Rights Commission. They were even part of the Special Conference to debate such issues as ‘Preserving national traditions, culture and language in a globalized world’, or ‘The question of the maintenance of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem’, ‘Managing human overpopulation in areas of profound biodiversity’, and  ‘Measures to promote successful demobilization of child soldiers’. For a full list of issues debated, please visit

Some of the work students were faced with was preparing resolutions and policy papers on the issues to be debated in their committee - all from the point of view of Chad and the UNDP. At the conference, they met with the other delegates from their committees to try and build a consensus and merge resolutions. Formal rules of debate had to be learned and followed.

We are very proud of the stellar work ethic our students put forward in The Hague. They proved to be excellent representatives of the country of Chad and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), as well as of the International School of Hamburg.