Poetry Café in the Junior School

During the month of April, grades P3 through 5 took the time to learn about poetry and how to create their very own poems. On the morning of April 29th, students came together simultaneously to share and listen to poetry in various classrooms. Not only did students come to celebrate poetry, but also teachers and parents took great pride in presenting their poems, as well as listening to the inspiring words that students chose to share. With great support from parent volunteers, students were also able to enjoy snacks as they rotated from one poetry session to the next.

The morning was filled with smiles, laughter and a strong feeling of pride. This year’s Poetry Café was a great success in many ways, but most of all, because it gave our children the opportunity to feel the love, respect and support from their peers while sharing writing that came from their hearts. 

Ms. Anderson, who organised the event with her colleagues in the Junior School, wrote a very special poem of her own, inspired by this creative morning of poetry shared with the students and their parents.

On April 29th of the year 2015,
you could hear nothing in the junior school,
not even a scream.
Hallways were silent and stairwells were clear,
then I poked my head in a classroom to hear a quiet cheer.

Students from all grades gathered together,
with great pride and respect,
decided to share something personal to whomever,
the audience wouldn’t dare to correct.
As we applauded each poet with an unspoken cheer,
we were all proud for sharing something so near.

As we returned to our classes at the stroke of 10,
walking up and down the stairs chattering away like a brood of hens.
We all realized that the Poetry Café got us off to a good start,
but also that it was something, that came from the heart.

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