Public Premiere of the Bird Wedding @ISH

“Die Vogelhochzeit“ is one of Germany’s most famous traditional folk songs. On May 24th, this all-time classic will be played on stage in its English version created by ISH's Jonathan Dexter. Our 5th grade students will have the pleasure to sing accompanied by Mr Zuckowski himself. Admission is free but online registration is necessary.

The German version, “Die Vogelhochzeit” was first produced in 1977. Since then, it has been officially translated into many languages, except in English. There isn’t a better place to adapt one of Germany’s most famous children songs than at the International School of Hamburg. Mr. Zuckowski, a native of Hamburg and a composer and producer himself, couldn’t agree more.  

Motivated by a musical performance conducted by Jonathan Dexter, an ISH Music teacher, Mr. Zuckowski was inpsired to create the first English version of the play and to entrust the project to Mr Dexter. After three months of careful translation, re arrangements and hard work, the “Bird Wedding” was brought to life, with the added bonus of being a useful learning tool for German students. The musical can be performed at three different English levels. Following the preparation period, more than fourty Grade 5 students have been rehearsing the play. Mr Zuckowski has visited Mr Dexter on a few occasions, in order to assist the students in the final performance. The English version of the song may also find its way into schoolbooks for children!

For this first public premiere on May 24th, Mr Zuckowski will accompany the students musically and will be assisted by his long-time colleague and One-Man-Orchestra Michael Gundlach.

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