Rolf Zuckowski @ ISH

When Rolf Zuckowski heard an ISH Junior School winter concert led by Music Teacher Jonathan Dexter, he couldn’t help but be impressed with the quality and variety of work achieved by our young students and their teacher. He asked Jonathan to collaborate with him in creating the official English version of his “Vogelhochzeit”.

The “Bird Wedding” was brought to life after careful translation and arrangement, with the added bonus of being a useful learning tool for German students that can be performed at three levels of English skills!  Jonathan also added elements of Greek Theater, such as choral speaking with masks, as well as rhythmic speaking. The result was a very lively and colourful performance on June 11th in our Aula accompanied by Mr. Zuckowski himself. The grade 4 students were supported by their teachers, Mr Meston, and Mrs Braun and McDonaugh, who helped with choreography, costumes and coaching. Our students were very honoured to be a part of this project and even ISH Falcons mascot Falco paid his respect, mingling with the other birds.

We wish this “Bird Wedding” a very successful future. 

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