Rolf Zuckowski’s “The Bird Wedding” a big success!

“Die Vogelhochzeit” is one of Germany’s most famous traditional folk songs and was first produced in 1977. Since than it has been translated into many languages, except English. This had to be changed, so Rolf Zuckowski, renowned singer and songwriter and the composer himself entrusted ISH Music teacher Jonathan Dexter to create an English version. 

After three months of careful translation, re-arrangements and hard work, the “Bird Wedding” was brought to life, with the added bonus of being a useful learning tool for German students. The musical can be performed at three different English levels. Following the preparation period, more than forty Grade 5 students have been rehearsing the play. Mr Zuckowski has visited Mr Dexter on a few occasions, in order to assist the students in the final performance. The English version of the song may also find its way into schoolbooks for children!

The result was a very lively and colourful performance on May 24th in our Aula accompanied by Mr. Zuckowski and his colleague Michael Gundlach. The grade 5 students were supported by their teachers Mr Meston, Ms Braun and Ms McDonagh, who helped with choreography, costumes and coaching. Our students were very honoured to be a part of the project and to experience a recording session in a professional sound studio!

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