University Recognition

It is because the IB Diploma is a rigorous and demanding programme that many universities throughout the world are prepared to accept it as an entrance qualification or as a qualification for advanced placement. It is an intellectually stimulating and interesting programme which requires a strong commitment from students. In return for this commitment students receive a first class preparation for their future after ISH, whether this is Higher Education or in employment, and the knowledge that they have followed a course of study with a worldwide reputation for academic excellence.

All British Universities accept the IB as an entrance qualification and most will make students an offer of a place, conditional on the points scored in the IB Diploma. Passing the IB Diploma allows students to receive credit of up to one full year of college in the USA. Countries as far apart and as different as Japan, Australia, Spain and South Africa recognize the IB Diploma as an entry qualification.

IB Recognition for Application to Universities in Germany

All IB Diploma candidates must have completed 12 successive years of full-time education and all subjects must have been studied continuously throughout the two-year IB Diploma course.

The IB Diploma must include six subjects with minimum grades of 4. When a candidate has only 3 points in one subject, compensation is possible with 5 points in another subject at the same level, with a minimum overall score of 24 points. All academic subjects must be examined in the same examination session.

Students must take the following subjects at the appropriate levels:

  • Language A1 (mother-tongue course) at Higher or Standard Level.
  • Language A2/B (foreign language course) at Higher or Standard Level.
  • Mathematics or a Natural Science (Biology, Physics, Chemistry) to be taken at Higher Level.
  • Mathematics Higher Level or Mathematics Standard Level. The Mathematical Studies Course is not recognized.