The MYP Curriculum Model

The MYP is made up of eight subject groups, which include at least two languages (At ISH we offer three), humanities, sciences, mathematics, performing and visual arts, physical education and design.

An emphasis is placed on conceptual and contextual learning. The MYP suggests 16 key concepts shared across all subjects and a number of related concepts in each subject area, which are used as tools to explore topics and subject matter. Each unit of work is framed within six MYP global contexts. This conceptual and contextual approach allows for the development of deep understanding and comprehensive knowledge and skills across all subject areas.

The other areas of focus within the MYP are Approaches to Learning (ATL) and Action and Service. The ATL Skills are structured to allow for explicit teaching of skills all students require to be successful in school and become life-long learners. The Action and Service component of the MYP requires all students to be involved in service projects throughout the MYP. Students will participate in a variety of activities in each year of the programme, which will allow them to take what they have learned in the classroom and use it to be involved in their community in productive ways.

In the final year of the programme (grade 10) students undertake an independent project called the “Personal Project”. In this project students choose a topic of their interest and demonstrate the development of their skills.


Kirk Shaw
MYP Coordinator


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