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Talented and Gifted Education

Considerable information for teachers, parents and students on talented and gifted education is available on this site.

For Students
An excellent site with links to educationally relevant sites and associated topics.

Recommended Websites for Student Research

Finding and evaluating information from the Internet can be challenging for both parents and students. The following educational websites are comprehensive and reliable sources of information: – The Internet Public Librarian (IPL) website has its own search engine and links especially for teens, including information on how to write a research paper, help with homework, and teen health issues. – This website is maintained by the American Library Association and contains links to over 600 subjects for students. – This website is very interactive and is suitable for younger students. It has its own search engine but includes links to current affairs and topics of interest. – (Password and Username = 9724); this website allows students to access electronic additions of newspapers from all over the world. Interactive links provide current affairs topics and special reports.  

Professional Associations

Council of International Schools

European Council of International Schools

International Baccalaureate Organization

Summer Programmes

There are probably thousands of websites with information about summer activities – there follows just a few to begin a search. These refer to the US but there are also many to be found across the world.
The School Counsellor has a more comprehensive and specific list, and the forthcoming Handbook will also contain information. – search for all kinds of summer programmes – academic, wilderness, special interests this website lists enrichment programmes and contains reviews from past participants – targeted towards talented students in the areas of maths/science – part of the Johns Hopkins Centre for Talented Youth
The Sloan Career Cornerstone Centre is a non-profit resource centre for those exploring career paths in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, computing and healthcare.  This website offers summer course possibilities in these subject areas.

The following US universities have summer programmes – check out their websites for specific information:
Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Syracuse, Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, Cornell, NYU, Boston U, Georgetown, Tufts, Northwestern, George Washington, UC Berkeley, U of Maryland. (Obviously there are many others too).

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Women’s Technology Program (WTP) has a 4 week Summer programme designed “to spark high school girls’ interest in the future study of engineering and computer science”.


Affiliated Schools and Foundations

Dutch language classes in Hamburg  
Dutch Education in Hamburg Foundation