‘Project For Sri Lanka –Building Schools To Build A Better Future’

When the tsunami of December 26th 2004 hit the coast of Sri Lanka it devastated lives and livelihoods. Many children were left without parents. One area particularly badly affected was the southern region of Hambantota. Our project was set up in January 2005 in order to help rebuild lives and communities. Five preschools were built in this area with the initial funds raised.

In June 2006, 11 students accompanied by their chaperones Mrs Gittins and Mrs Gray, visited the projects and were warmly welcomed at all the villages. We spent our time there planting fruit gardens, painting and playing with the children.

Since then, each year a group of high school students hold a variety of fundraising activities including a Sri Lanka Cup golf tournament, bake sales, student dances and fun sports days to help raise money to maintain the schools and supply basic equipment to enrich the lives of these children.

Help us to build a better future for them.  


Sri Lanka Project Coordinator

Ellen Gray